30 January, 2007

I wanted to start this blog by writing a review about some movie. However, after watching the Tollywood 75 years diamond jubilee celebrations yesterday , I thought that there would be no better way to kick start this blog than reviewing the way this function went on.


The function was organized in a grand gala fashion by Wizcraft . The stage was decorated beautifully . Singing legend S.P.Bala subramanyam was all dignity and grace in his role as an anchor on the first day. He showcased his multi-linguist talents when the opportunity presented by speaking fluently in Telugu, English, Tamil and Hindi. Several legends of the film industry were felicitated starting with Akkineni Nageshwara Rao. Cultural programs consisted mainly of the musical concerts by renowned singers and music directors. Songs belonging to all genres were sung and masses were more entertained when item numbers and songs with mass beat were sung. The most refreshing thing that came to everyone’s notice is the way all the stars moved along very freely and in a cordial manner. All the artistes enjoyed the break from the busy life of movie schedules and shed all inhibitions. However, there were a few noticeable absentees – the prime among them are Shoban babu, Krishna and his family, Mohan babu and Venkatesh.

Day – 2

The second day started in a similar fashion to the first one. Famous actress Suhasini anchored the proceedings and she performed her role with utmost dignity. A gallery presenting the costumes wore by the legendary actor N.T.R. in some of his unforgettable movies was opened. However, the limelight was bagged by his son Bala Krishna who enacted a role as Duryodhana in a play alongwith AVS as Shakuni . Bala Krishna impressed one and all with his fluent uttering of the long continuous dialogues from the script and reminded of his father.

bala krishna and avs

Sunil made people laugh heartily with his comedy as a news reader for the hearing impaired. As the day was nearing to a close, Siva Reddy joined the party. His mimicry performance was entertaining and was received with laughter and claps all around. Also, there were some interesting interactive sessions with the actors by the MAA TV anchor suma. Some of the witty answers given by the celebrities entertained the audience well.

Day – 3

After two days of thorough entertainment, the third though started on a similar note it ended with quite a few emotional outbursts. Chief Minister Y.S.Rajasekhar Reddy presided over the day’s function. After felicitating Anjali Devi, Dasari Narayana Rao among others, when Chiranjeevi was called onto dias for his felicitation in the legendary category, he said that he couldn’t accept the award and said he would explain his reasons later. This started a slight panic among the audience. When the next actor to be felicitated, Mohan Babu refused the felicitation and said that he would explain the reasons later, it became clear that something fishy is going behind and the place became uneasy. After a while, mohan babu came out and started his addressing by telling about his entry into the films and the people behind his growth as an actor(obviously Dasari Narayana Rao). He then questioned the organizers logic behind categorizing only a few people into the legendary category. He also marked out some of his colleagues who were not treated properly by the organizers.

By now, tension filled the air. When chiranjeevi was called to address the audience, he said he would do so later which clearly indicated that he was irked by the comments of Mohan Babu. People sat in anticipation as to what his reply is going to be. The situation was slightly cooled by some dance performances by various upcoming actors and actresses. There were a few surprise packages too with Nagarjuna, Bala Krishna, Allu Arjun and Chiranjeevi performing on the stage. Bala Krishna danced for a song from his much awaited Maharadhi.

Allu Arvind then brought onto stage the Time Capsule – box in which people’s vision of how the telugu film industry should be in the next 25 years will be stored. At this moment, chiranjeevi went onto the stage and expressed his feelings. He spoke about the commitment of today’s actors. He also spoke about unity among the actors and also the degraded status that the telugu film industry is receiving outside Andhra Pradesh. He also denied his felicitation in the legendary category and said he would accept it only along with all his contemporaries. He gave the function a cinematic climax by dropping his medal and memento into the Time Capsule.


Rajendra Prasad was quite disappointing as an anchor, specially with the expectations going up from the events of the past two days. His attempts to crack funny jokes turned out to be quite undignified. The last event of the day was the song in which all the present day actors and actresses participated. The theme of the song is unity among the film industry. It was directed by krishna Vamsi under the supervision of Raghavendra Rao.

On the whole, the function was a success with the combined efforts of several people.



  1. good one buddy. keep going this way

  2. i like to act with allu arjun.i am studying in seventh standard

  3. bala krishna did the cat jump very nicely.vojrostavalalo awards icharu kani mantance bagaledu. kothamandi mukyamyna vallani vadilesaru.
    mukyamuga E.V.V. satyanarayana

  4. awards icharu kani ichinavalla lone bhedalu choopincharu.
    valla fans entha hurt aotharo meeru gamanichara.
    mukyanga m.mohanbabu garu.

  5. For the first time i ever saw megastar so emotional and aggressive in real life. He is really hero in real life.
    Anna u proceed like that, as your fans we wish to see you MAaaaaaaSSSSSSSSSSSS…………. Thats all.

    • Boss is Back brother. . . appude 10 years ayipoyindi. inko 15 years opika padithe 100 year celebretions ki vachche LEGEND award annayya ke. aa TIME CAPSULE ey vallaki answers cheppuddi.

  6. Endaro Mahanubhavulu and in that few are exceptional, The music Trinity, the poet trinity in Telugu, and vidhushi triniti also goes to south India, MLV, MS and DK. When it comes to movie, it again goes to south India ANR, NTR and Sivajiganeshan. Perhaps there is no actor in world cinema who acted so many variety of charactors and lived in those charactors as the great south indian trio.


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